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About Me

Monica has led an international dance career since an early age. She first discovered sophrology as a member of the Monte-Carlo Dance Academy. The technique sparked her interest and has had an influence on many aspects of her work as a dancer, a rigorous and demanding profession. Having discovered sophrology, Monica firmly believes in the benefits of integrating the practice in the training of professional dancers.

With this objective in mind, she took it upon herself to train in Caycedian Sophrology® and studied the Fundamental Cycle at the School of Caycedian Sophrology® in Liège, Belgium. Monica’s final term memoire focused on the harmonious coupling of sophrology and dance with a view to enhance body awareness by refining body perception through subtlety of movements.

She thereby developed Danse & Sophrologie and has already begun giving workshops to artists and people from all walks of life; for instance, she regularly holds sessions at the LWL Klinik Dortmund and the F.F.H Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Dortmund for groups of patients suffering from psychiatric conditions. Danse & Sophrologie therefore extends to the therapeutic field as well as to personal development.